Monday, April 30, 2012


 Time to celebrate the grand, OK, maybe grand is too large of word, diminutive, yes, that is much more like it, diminutive opening of my new Etsy shop.  (someday it hopes to grow up to be grand shop)  In honor of the shop opening I am hosting a give away!
Here is a little exert from an earlier post when my give away prize was created:
"I first met her on a chance encounter. She was milling around in a box full of strangers. She looked to be no more than 16 years of age. There was an air of sadness hovering around her. The faraway gaze in her eyes as well as the unique perspective of the photo drew me to her.
At the time, I wondered who she was. What was she thinking when this was taken? At what far off point did she fix her gaze? What was the occasion for this photo? What was her story? Photos are generally taken to commemorate an occasion or to preserve a memory. It made me sad that she had slipped from someones memory and ended up in a dusty box.
Wishing to honor this young girls memory, I chose her as a center piece for a new work of art. While working with the photo I made a discovery. On the back of the photo frame in the faintest of faded scrolling script was a name, address, and city. It was too dim with age to make out with the naked eye. Using an LED jewelers loupe I was able to identify her. Excitement mounted with each discernible letter.
Her name was Cottage...Cottage Bealle. Her address was 985 N. W(smudged out and unreadable) Street, Danvers, Illinois. I googled to no avail, I could find no trace of her or even her surname. There are several other spellings of Bealle and I wonder if through the years it was changed as so often happens. I only wish there would have been a date or that the street address was not smudged away. The photo is mounted to the frame so no luck there either.
Here is what I think is the wonderful part of her story. I began gathering the fabrics and elements of this fabric collage before I made this discovery. The piece was almost complete and I was ready to attache her when I saw the writing. The entire piece has a cottage feel to it with the faded lightness of fabrics and fibers. How perfect is that?"
Sadly, Cottage has been relegated to another box since her creation, she is ready to come out and come and live with one of you!
The collage measures 12 in. wide by 17 in. high, is fully finished on the back and ready to hang.

To sign up for the give away simply leave a comment.  
All are welcome to enter, no restrictions.
A winner will be drawn and announced one week from today on Monday, May 7, 2012.
I hope that each of you know how I cherished you and your constant encouragement, friendship, and support. Blog friends are just the best!  My little shop would not be possible if you did not take an interest.  Thank you for that.


Karen B. said...

Dearest Sandy,
such a beautiful giveaway gift you have created. Please enter my name. Your blog is one of the first ones I had ever followed and I love everything about it.

Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Anonymous said...

I too would have been drawn to that photo. Like you said, it is so sad that she had been forgotten. I too wonder what her story is.


Leanne said...

Gobsmackingly gorgeous. I'd be so honored to win this. Congrats on your Etsy store. Heading over to take a look, although I need to be "good" right now in the buying arena...

Blessings from Cindy said...

As always, dear Sandy, your creations are magnificent with such lovely details and a story to make the imagination soar. Anyone who wins will give her a good home... ;-) Your Etsy shop will be a huge success!

Ruth Kelly said...

Such a beautiful story. I would love to have a home for her, put me down in your drawing.

Tina said...

It´s so beautiful Miss Sandy - I would love to be entered in your drawing.
I´m sure that little shop of yours will be grand soon.
Have a wonderful day
Blessings T

ekewin said...

my cottage would welcome 'cottage'

Fete et Fleur said...

Congratulations, Sandy! I know that your Etsy shop has been in your heart for a while now. Your newest creation is everything beautiful and ethereal. I just love it!


Dorthe said...

Oh dear Sandy
this is a fantastic story and creation. The photo is so special, and your colours stunning together. Love her seriously look and your wonderfully beautiful composed collage.
I would love to win and this is a lovely way of celebrating your shop opening.Thankyou.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

lovely! What a great giveaway! Please visit me for an Annie Sloan book giveaway!!!

kimber said...

I would love for Cottage to come home with me! I love your blog and visit daily. I am thrilled that you have opened an Etsy shop!

Createology said...

Your creation of this beautiful piece of art for Cottage to reside upon is serendipitious with the fabrics and laces and adornments that fit so perfectly with her story. I am enchanted and would be so honored to have her live with me in my home. She and Sherry Anne would have so many tales to tell one another. Congratulations on your new etsy shoppe. Blissful selling dear...

Vee said...

A precious giveaway...Cottage is such an interesting name. I know that she'll find a happy home with one of your dear readers. (Please do not toss my name in as I have been so abundantly blessed already and someone else must have the opportunity.) All the best on your new Etsy shop!

bobbie said...

You have made her so beautiful! ~ please sign me up for a chance to give her a new home!!
Now I'm off to browse your new shop ~

luverlie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
luverlie said...

Fabulous piece. I would love to give her a place of honor. Thanks so much for sharing your talent. You have a fantastic blog full of eye candy.

Sheila A. said...

I would be so honored to win this beauty. She would be taken care of and treasured. Please enter my name, and I'll keep my fingers crossed. Your work is beautiful..I enjoy your blog so much.

Laura Rhodes said...

So very beautiful! I would love to be entered into this giveaway! Thanks, Laura R.

Sonya Badgley said...

Dear Sandy,
I admired her clear back when you first shared her. She is a very beautiful young lady and your collage compliments it so well. You are so generous to give it away! You will be blessed for it, dear friend. As for your Etsy shop? Well, all of us here, I think, can agree that you will do fantastically. You are a very gifted artist and have always admired your talent and appreciated your friendship. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Hugs and blessings to you,

Nancy said...

Dear Sandy, Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful piece of art.

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