Thursday, November 17, 2016


(Photography by Tracy Hoggard)

"You were made by God's masterful hands - wisely designed, uniquely formed, caringly crafted.
You were made for God's glorious purpose - to know His love, to be His own, to express His heart."

~Roy Lessin~
(Photography by Tracy Hoggard)

My heart swells with joy every time I read this quote to think that I was blessed with one pinch of an attribute of the Creator, to work with my hands designing, crafting, and forming things that are my heart expressions of appreciation and love for Him.
(Photography by Tracy Hoggard)

Having the gift of creativity is sometimes a struggle for me.  While I try to use this gift to best of my often limited ability, its hard not to fall into the comparison game.  I have a friend who is gifted with teaching and a passion for bringing God's Word to life through story telling in her children's ministry.  She travels on missions sharing her heart and it is making such a difference in the world of faith.....and I make pretty things.
(Photography by Tracy Hoggard)

I know people who have started food banks to feed the homeless, those who work with college students training for missions, those write books and speak sharing hope and faith, those who have youth ministries, those who serve in homeless shelters, those who hold clothing drives, food drives, and are Christmas Angels, and the list could go on and on.....and I make pretty things.
(Photography by Tracy Hoggard)

These are all big responsible works that seem so much greater and make so much more impact and reach so many more people than making pretty things.  It is so easy to fall into the great than/less than trap and compare what you do to what someone else does.  I often have to remind myself of Exodus 31:1-5 where creativity is indeed a valid gift, "...given in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, in all manner of workmanship to design artistic works..."
(Photography by Tracy Hoggard)

This was really brought home to me this week when I received an email from someone who had purchased a piece of my jewelry.  She expressed such exuberant joy over having something one of kind that was unique to her with its hidden meaningful message in the text on the piece, known only between she and I.  She said this was a hopeful piece to her that she could wear and be reminded of God's love.  
(Photography by Tracy Hoggard)

I had no idea when I was designing, forming, and crafting this simple piece of jewelry that it could be used for His glorious purpose, a reminder to the wearer of His love for her and a blessing of the gift of delight and joy.   Wow!...and I make pretty things...lucky me!
(Photography by Tracy Hoggard)

The next time you are tempted to fall into the greater than/less than comparison trap just remember, YOU ARE one of the prettiest things ever made, wisely designed, uniquely formed, caringly crafted, by His masterful hands.  YOU ARE valuable and what you do matters whether it is big or small, loud or quiet, you are a most precious pretty person.....lucky you!
(Photography by Tracy Hoggard)



Lady Locust said...

Absolutely beautiful!

bobbie said...


You are a Treasure ~

Createology said...

Thank you so very much Sandy for sharing this poignant post of very wise advice. YOU ARE very special and creative and precious. Blessings...XO

susan hemann said...

thank you!

Dorthe said...

Dear Sandy, such a wonderful post!! You sharing your amazing works of art, and your thoughtful thoughts, ....both so filled with beauty and love .
You are such a beautiful soul, Sandy.
Hugs, Dorthe

Dorothy Johnson said...

Such a beautiful message to go along with the wonderful photography.

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