Friday, December 11, 2009

Flea Market Finds and Fun...

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am busy being a little elf in the Quill Cottage Curiosity Shoppe today as well as getting some decorating done. I hope to have some new listings by the end of the day or at the latest in the morning. The elves are jumping with joy over the prospect of decorating!OK, I have a confession to make, I seriously wanted to use the same decorating idea I had for autumn, one big hand carved bowl of potpourri. Yesterday, my friend Pam and I went flea marketing. I saw a huge bag of Christmas potpourri and joked with her that I should just switch out the bowl contents and be done with the holiday decor thing. We laughed but she did not know that I was kind of serious, in fact, I took a closer look at all that chunky monkey scented stuff and was tempted to buy it.

I am not sure what has happened to me, the person who always had her handmade Christmas cards
(horror of horrors, I bought mine at the Target this year, but they are still in the box) in the mail the day after Thanksgiving, put the tree up the same weekend, and decorated the whole entire house, inside and out, yes, even the bathroom, decorated, (see decor here and here) and most of the shopping done by the first week in December. I can't seem to muster up the energy to do any of it. I think I have lost my holiday spirit. Giving makes me cheerful so, it is time for a give away! Tomorrow I will be posting all the details on a HOLIDAY GIVE AWAY right here at the Quill so I hope you will come and join me in the fun.

Would you like to see what I got at the flea market? It was not my day to score good finds, the flea market fairy was resting on my friend's shoulder and magically blessing her with great bargains. I can't complain, I just did not find much to peak my interest. I treated myself to this tin...I just adore the little bunnies and birds on it and look inside...It still has it's little key. The tin was made in England by the George W. Horner & Co. LTD, Chester-Le-Street, County of Durham. Does anyone know what this tin might have been used for? Perhaps tea, biscuits, or candy? No matter, I just loved its sweet cheerfulness.

I found a green fabric covered box, to satisfy my box obsession, for a $1.00...Some junk jewels that I want to cut apart for the beads, $3.00 for all...And a small old shorthand dictionary, to satisfy my all things printed obsession, for fifty cents...My grand total was less than $10.00 and a priceless day with a friend!

I hope your day is merry, your heart is cheerful, and your countenance is bright, have a great weekend!

Miss Sandy


Myrnie said...

I'm not decorating as much this year, either. I don't like telling the baby "no" and there are SO many no's involved in our Christmas decorations! We have a tree with lights, we have stockings, and we have a pretty wreath I made from berries in my yard. I do want to find a place for a few of our nativity scenes, but everything seems so much simpler this year. I kind of like it.

Unreasonable Grace said...

You have much cooler flea markets than we do around here. Or maybe you actually slow down and really look. Hmmmmm. Maybe I should try that!

I'm with Myrnie - Christmas is simplified this year. Focusing on the real Reason, letting the rush and stress go. Tree, nativity scene, nutcrackers and candles - all finished last Saturday.

Presents are personalized or handmade and thoughtful, not expensive.

I'm thinking this is a good trend.

Anonymous said...

That is the most precious tin box that you found. Those illustrations remind me of a vintage storybook. I wonder what originally came in the box. Remember the little girl diaries we had when we were young with keys? I hope your wrist is better today. I look forward to checking in at your Curiosity Shoppe later. Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I think you did great, Sandy! I remember...back in the 70s (this will tell you how old I am! LOL!) I used to take $5 with me to the antique stores and come home with SUCH TREASURES! I think they're still to be found! Your $1 box proves it!

The little bunny box reminds me of a Beatrix Potter design. It's sweet!

Ah...the memories we collect while we go antiquing are sometimes more special than the actual objects we find, aren't they! How I remember those days when we could still find precious things for .25 - .50 cents each!
*sigh* The Good Old Days!

Still...isn't half the fun in the HUNT!

Blessings! I'm glad I found your blog at Dawn's!


Miss Rhea said...

I hear you on the decorating. Since I became ill, even the simplest things just seem so monumental to me these days. Hope you get your Cheer On :) Your shoppe is gorgeous, your handmade goodies are wonderful. :) That Tin is SO sweet and if you only found ONE thing out junking, that is a wonderful thing to find :) Hugs to you :)

kathy said...

Love your vintage finds -- I can't pass up a box either lol -- Kathy - ga ♥

Shopgirl said...

I think there are alot of us that can't pass by a good box. The Tin with the key is a little treasure for sure. And a day with a friend is the best of all.
I had lunch with 11 special ladies today. This was our Christmas gift exchange day...we bought brooches for each other. We meet every Friday for lunch in one of our many cafe's.
Merry Christmas, Mary

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning, Sandy! I came by way of my sister-in-law's blog, Fete et Fleur. I saw the marvelous glittered bird on her post that you sent her. Your wares are exquisite and your blog is very beautiful! Have a marvelous day, ANita

Decor To Adore said...

It sounds to me that Scrooge has taken up residence in both of our homes. I keep hoping that after my finals are done on Tuesday I will be in a bit more of a holiday spirit.

Stop by my blog. You might enjoy my last 2 posts.

Celestial Charms said...

Wonderful finds for you. Thanks for sharing them with us. As far as decorating and Christmas spirit is concerned, it will come to you when you are ready. If you need to take a break this season, most likely you will come back with a vengence next year. Just go with the flow!

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