Friday, March 16, 2012



Thank you to all who entered in the give away.  Your answers were fun and inspiring and I can see we are a group of kindred spirits sharing a love for color, nature, and all things vintage!  

And the winner is...Tiffany of The Cranky Queen!

Congrats Tiffany, please email me your mailing address information and I will get started creating your one of kind treasure filled with goodies based on your likes.
Are you feeling up to an artful challenge?  Well, Scott over at Vintage Image Craft has a great one for you with some great prizes to boot!  Here we are on the cusp of Spring with Easter right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to make a basket or container using one of the great free images provided expressly for this challenge?

Here is what Scott has to say about the Spring Container challenge:
"Easter baskets. Bags of seeds. Vases of tulips. Jars of candy. And don't forget the humble egg. These are the "containers" of spring and Easter. What kind of unique container can YOU make using vintage images of spring?
Join our VIC Creative Challenge, April 2012, and create a unique Spring Container! Submit your craft photo, and if your Spring Container is selected, you will win a new copy of "The Artful Storybook," the fanciful survey of mixed-media, story-telling artwork, curated by acclaimed artisan, Terry Taylor.

You must begin with a Victorian vintage image of spring or Easter. Download FREE images from VIC's Facebook page, now into April. Or you can purchase ready-to-print Image Books from our VIC Store.

Incorporate one or more of those images into a unique craft that can serve as a container. Through Wednesday, April 4, you can submit your Spring Container craft photo to VintageImageCraft -- and you are in the contest!!

The top three winners will share adulation, international acclaim, and PRIZES!"
 VintageImageCraft invites you to submit your"Spring Container" by April 4, 2012!

For detailed instructions on submissions, click HERE.

While you are there check out the Easter Craft Page that features some super sweet free Easter craft tutorials.  I really love the faux chocolate egg!  
I'd like to give this one a try.

I hope you all enjoy a blissful weekend!


Vee said...

Congrats to your winner! I'm smiling to think how blessed she will be.

Faux Easter egg? Oh dear, it is a good thing that you are not a chocolate lover for it won't affect you, but if that were around here, it'd have tons of teeth marks in it. We're a bit nuts for chocolate.

Ruth Kelly said...

Congrats to the winner. Love your Easter decorations especially the chocolate egg.

Unknown said...

Congratulations to the lucky lady! :) So many pretties you have here! I love the feeling that Easter is soon coming! :D


Vee said...

Just checking commenting... =D

Unknown said...

Sandy: I emailed my address but haven't heard from you or received "my winning creation". Hope it hasnt gotten lost in the mail! Please email me at the3 steers@ Tiffany AKA The Cranky Queen

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