Sunday, March 4, 2012


 A couple of posts ago I shared some thoughts on The Little Engine that Could as a metaphor for reaching our dreams and goals.  I have been living proof of these very words shared in part one:

 "Sometimes it takes much longer than we think it should. (to reach our goals or dreams)  Our progress is impeded in some way, (like a slightly freak accident that leaves one with a mild concussion) there are interruptions in our daily lives (like our entire family sharing the flu, I am the last one standing) and schedules that hinder progress (I have been cooking and delivering meals to the other sickies, I drop off at garage doors, text, and take off)..."  And, despite all this, in the back of  my frustrated mind I still chant, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...get this desk done!"
 (Before: Desk and Iron Bench)

Persistence, tenacity, and grit have kept me going up the grade just like that little engine.  The very last piece of studio furniture is all but complete and installed.  There are two small parts missing and as soon as Handy Hubby recovers from the flu he will finish the job but these two minor items do not hinder the use of the new piece.
(Primer and a fresh coat of white paint to the desk base)
(Gel Medium transfers of printed numbers to the drawers, a little sanding to age them out just a bit, then topped off with a non-yellowing sealer.)

Between progress impediments I have started some new art pieces, one of which I sat for hours in this very spot yesterday creating.  More new ideas are bubbling in the background with this physical representation of reaching a goal spurring me on.
 (Desk top and side pullouts covered in a fresh new pale gray laminate called Fog.  Vintage office chair filched from my writing cottage)

Like the little engine I have reached the top of a steep grade and I am sliding down the other side congratulating myself with, "I thought I could!  I thought I could!  I thought I could!"  It took much longer than I ever imagined, progress was impeded, many interruptions to my daily life were present, and schedule changes hindered my ability to accomplish what I set out to do, even so, I did eventually complete it and it turned out better than I thought I would.
 (Interior drawers were all scrubbed clean, stained bottoms covered in decoupage dictionary pages)
(An extra laminated shelf added underneath for storing my super cool old school light box)
(My favorite drawer!  I used two old shadow boxes, cutting one section off of one to be able to reposition it to fill the drawer with small dividers.  I popped off the backs and papered them with old dictionary pages, spray painted the frames black, reassembled and filled the drawer with them.  I have a collection of found nature objects stored here for the moment.)
(The rusted out bench legs were cut off and feet re-welded by my Handy Hubby.  Bracing was removed, more bracing added for the painted out recycled shelving.  I had the paint mixed to match the laminate.  As soon as Handy Hubby recovers he will put the front brace under the top shelf, it is just kind of sitting there waiting to be attached properly.  I papered the underside of the large shelf with Anaglypta wallpaper and painted it out.  I will add some task lighting to the underside of the shelf.)
(The bench acts as a storage or supply hutch that does not block the light from the window)
(I added vintage drawer pulls to the frame work on each side and placed an altered curtain rod across each to hold supplies.  I staged it with tape rolls but I am not sure that is what will actually go here.  I have not had time to load out the desk yet)
(I used the back portion to attach recycled decorated tin cans for supply storage, the idea being that nothing would actually sit on the desk surface allowing for easy supply access and a large open workspace, altered cans can be viewed up close HERE)

Edit Added:  I added a small white shelf to the blank center of the back of the desk, perfect!
 I hope that you too are chugging along to reach those goals and long sought after dreams despite whatever it is that might slow you down, I think you can too!

I am linking to Miss Mustard Seed's ...
P.S.  Pinkie swear this is the last studio post for a while, next post some new artwork to share!!!


Unknown said...

Inspiring is the word for this post. What a truly lovely spot to craft. Stay on the sunnyside and keep chugging along!

Carol Mae said...

Sandy your iron bench is awesome, what a fantastic idea and so beautiful. I would never leave my studio, just sit there and enjoy it all day. Very very Cool!!!
Happy smiles, Carol Mae

gypsy rose said...

luv the bench. I've been looking at retail wire grids to accomplish this, but like your idea so much better. I want my desk top clear too so I can spread out more. thanks for giving me a whole new way to go.

Vickie said...

Sandy, this workspace is incredible - I love it. You have given this So much thought and put all your creative passions into it. I know you're proud of it - you thought you could! And you did! Have fun creating!

Anonymous said...

I love everything about this!! The shawdow boxes in the drawer- great idea! That old metal bed frame on top- only creative you would have thought that!!!!

Working on my space too though it will be a far cry from yours- still I am happy I will have a little space for lil o me!

bee blessed

Vee said...

Now I must pick my jaw up from the floor. My mind would never bend this glad that yours does. It's amazing. What a space saver with everything right there at your fingertips. Not only are you creative, you're brilliant!

The Feathered Nest said...

oooooh...I LOVE your studio posts sweet Sandy!!!!! This desk is WONDERFUL!!!! I'm so in love with the iron shelves over top ~ what a great idea! It all looks so wonderful. And I know what you mean, we only have so many hours in a day and sometimes we have to prioritize ~ we have so much to try to do for our families that our "fun" stuff gets put off until last. I love your progress dear friend, your studio is truly a creative haven!! Give hubby my well wishes, hugs and love, Dawn

Createology said...

I missed your post about a goose egg! How thankful you are doing much better and feeling fit. Your desk/iron bench is fabulous! What a wonderful way to upcycle and create a very unique creative space. I can truly see you sitting there creating wonderful pieces of art. Blissful...

Unknown said...

It's awesome! And oh so useful! Thanx for sharing. Keep on choo chooing! Tiffany

Sonya Badgley said...

Wow, Sandy!! I LOVE it! The bench turned out so beautiful! What a great idea for a desk in front of a window.And using the shadow boxes inside was genious! I have one that sits on my work table-luckily it fits perfectly underneath the shelf that sits directly over it. So when I'm not using it-it slides right underneath. But I'll tell you, your desk creation is far more beautiful than my work table! So, so creative. Love it!You thought you could-and you DID! ;) Great teamwork (you and hubby)!
Have a wonderful week, my friend.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

what an absolutely wonderful creation! i just love love love the way this turned out. you certainly can!!!

Ruth Kelly said...

I need some of your awe inspiration of how to be organized. I am very very impressed. A Job well done and beautiful. Very clever.

Decor To Adore said...

Miss Sandy you are a sweet spot of pure inspiration!

Thank you SO very much for your prayers my friend.

I'd love for you to pop by for a visit. I am hosting a $50 Kirklands Giftcard Giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are just TOO CLEVER, Girlfriend! This one belongs in one of those flea market finds made into something new magazines! And what's even more cool about your old bedstead supply holder is that it is see-through so the light from your window can come in! And you can open it and have a view! And fresh air!
OK, I'm jealous! LOL! Not really, just in awe of how you come up with these ideas. I'd have passed up this bedstead thinking it had to turn into a bench and I have no room for more furniture. But you, my creative friend, get the prize for the BEST idea!
XO!!! Diane

Dorthe said...

Dear Sandy, this is in every way a wonderful post, your new table is a fantastic idea, and you made it real, and a beautiful place to create.I ofcourse love it and think you are a very clever woman, taking this from a picture in your head, to this gorgeous place to enjoy creating.
Hugs and love, Dorthe

Grandma Linda's Daydreams said...

Your desk and hutch is so beautiful, and that was so ingenious! What a nice place you have to create and work! Love the drawers, storage containers-all of it!
Your blog is such a pleasure, love your music!
I hope you are feeling all better now!
Be blessed!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Just brilliant! Every detail is perfect. I came over from Pinterest to see this, and I'm so glad I did. laurie

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