Thursday, March 11, 2010


Recently while grocery shopping I was searching for a roll of bakers parchment when I saw a big roll of freezer paper. The wording on the end of the package caught my eye stating that it was good for using for quilting or arts and crafts. I flipped the box over to see what some of the uses were and I was reminded of watching my great aunt use freezer wrap in her applique quilting. An idea for using this struck me and I purchased the roll.
I have tried different methods for using fabric as a printing base and running it through my printer. In order to do this you have to stabilize the fabric. I have used low tack tape to secure the fabric to a piece of card stock sized to fit my printer but sometimes the fabric catches or curls with this method. I have used low tack spray glue to adhere the fabric to the card stock but I don't like the tack on the back or the smell it leaves in the fabric. Using the quilters tip on the box I have found the perfect solution!

*Cut fabric (my favorites are muslin or painters canvas) to the size of paper that will fit through your printer. (mine is 8 1/2" x 11") Lay fabric wrong side down on the shiny side of the freezer paper and trim to same size.*Using an iron on a dry cotton setting, press fabric to freezer paper, turn over and press other side. Allow to cool.*Place stabilized fabric into your printer tray as you would when you are using regular paper. Print out image as you normally would. Allow image to set about 5 minutes to ensure that ink is dry.*Peel fabric from freezer paper.
*Use a press cloth to cover image and heat set with a dry iron on a cotton setting.

Your image is now ready to use in your artwork! This method works like a charm, no more messy stinky glue or tons of taping.

TIP: I saved the used freezer sheets to use as surface protectors when using glue and paint because it won't soak through to your surface.


*Ideal for finger painting - pour or puddle paint on plastic side and get messy!

*Works as a wonderful paint palette or to practice decorative painting on.

*Makes a beautiful book cover, use the non-shiny side, leave as is or collage away.

*For a personalized party table cover, roll out on child size table, shiny side down, place crayons or markers in the center and let your little guests create their own table cloth.


*Draw or trace or print pattern you desire to use onto non-shiny side of freezer paper. *Cut out design with scissor or craft knife. *Temporarily adhere the plastic side of freezer paper to fabric with dry iron on cotton setting.*Apply your paint to your fabric base and allow to dry.*Peel off stencil when paint dries.Your custom painted fabric background is ready to use in your artwork.

NOTE: Each stencil is only good for one use.

-create template to reduce time in quilting, piecing, or appliqueing-

Here's how:

1. Draw design on paper side of freezer paper and cut out.
2. Pin paper side of design to wrong side of fabric.
3. Cut out fabric pieces with 3/16" extra fabric allowances around design. Cut 1/8" long slits on curved edges to ease fabric. Press seam allowance over edge of template. Remove pins.4. Lightly adhere fabric pieces to material by pressing in place with hot dry iron. Stitch fabric to background material, leaving a small area unstitched.

Please note that I was intentional in having my stitches show as I am working on a primitive piece, you might want to use matching thread and use a small slip stitch that does not show.
5. Pull out freezer paper through unstitched area; stitch closed.I hope you enjoy some of these freshly wrapped ideas! Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Sandy


Shopgirl said...

Sandy, I will do this, infact I will get the freezer paper tomorrow, you made my day...I have been wanting to do this. But wasn't sure how to go about it, thank you so much, Hugs Mary

LiLi M. said...

Great tutorials! You are working hard! i thought you would stay in your craft room the whole week! Did you know that despite globalization there is a huge difference between papers here and in the US? The first time we went there the wax papers caught my eye, you probably see them daily, but I never have seen them here nor anywhere in Western Europe. Last time I was in the States I wanted to buy waxed white paper on a roll, but as we are only in centers of towns and don't visit any big department stores, I couldn't find it. We will be going to the States again this year and believe it or not: I want to go to a Wall mart or a Target and now the freezer paper is on my wish list too! Love your artwork, that of the previous post too, it is so beautiful and personal. Thanks for sharing your talent, have a lovely weekend too!

The Feathered Nest said...

This was a wonderful post Sandy!!!! I've always wondered about freezer paper and you've shown us so many great things to do with it!!! Now I've got to get out and buy some ~ Thank you again for the sweet eggs you painted, everyone just LOVES them! hugs and love, Dawn

Lady Farmer said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Miss Sandy!!! I have been wanting to print on paper but have been too afraid to ruin my printer! I can hardly wait to try it! But first I need to run and get some more ink for the hungry printer! Oh! the possibilities!
Did I say Thank you? ;~D

Doni said...

Oh how cool! I've never used any of those methods before, but now I just must find me some freezer paper and try them out!!!
Thanks so much for such an easy to understand explanation of what and how to use it. Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, In the post below, I love the little curled strip on the branch. Such a simple thing but so clever.

And in this post...I have been SO afraid to try the freezer paper trick in my printer. Did it get stuck at all??? That's what I'm afraid of. You're making me want to be brave!!


Melly said...

oh many fabulous ideas but I have not heard of freezer paper before I'm just wondering if we get it here in Aussie land and if it's called something different, I do hope we have it because it has so many uses.
Thank you so much for sharing it.
Have a wonderful day:)

Lady Farmer said...

Oops!(I'm blushing here) I was so excited I wrote that I have wanted to print on paper ~ silly me! Of course I meant on fabric!:D

Vee said...

All right! I'll give it a try. My method until now has been the low tack spray glue without giving how it smelled a thought. I think that this would probably be the safer way for the printer, too. Thanks a lot, Miss Sandy! You're so generous with your tips!

the gypsy magpie said...

Sandi- oh my goodness... I just hopped over from the link on The Feathered Nest (I HAD to see those pistachio shell eggs!) and I am just speechless. I've spent the better part of the last 2 hours going through your posts and I just had to tell you how fabulous your blog is. You are BEYOND talented! I eagerly look forward to following this wonderful slice of art.
Thank you for all of your sharing!

Barbara Jean said...

Great ideas! Thanks.

Beautiful art work you sent to Diane.
So creative and detailed.


barbara jean

Samantha said...

Wow!...ask and you shall receive. :) Not even a week ago, I was searching for printable fabric to make pillows with all of the wonderful freebie images online. Too expensive...way too expensive. I put the project in the back corner of my mind and wasn't even thinking about it when I stopped by here for a visit. Yay! I feel like I struck gold...thanks so much for this idea! I'm off to find some freezer paper!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

what a great tutorial! thanks for sharing this!

Vee said...

Guess who's returned with her freezer paper to study up! I can hardly wait. I do note that you have four images of Alice there so now I must figure out how not to waste so much fabric for just one image. Hope I can do it as I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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