Friday, February 4, 2011


Please note, this give away sign up is closed.

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.

- Douglas Pagels -
Edit Added: I almost forgot to add the photos of the finished collage, scroll down to see finished project. Thanks!

When I started this blog it was to get back in touch with my artistic roots and create an online journal that was both visual and verbal. When I hit the publish button for the very first time it was with nervousness and anticipation. Ever so slowly a trickling of friends found me and some fast friendships were formed.
(Gift #1, Handmade Lady Bird Shoe)

I had no idea where this journey would take me or if anyone would care to come along side me. I am, after all, an ordinary person leading an ordinary life and can that really be that interesting? I found that most people really are interested in other people, how they live, what they do, and what it is that makes them unique or special. I have found that I am embraced in a community of caring people that have touched my heart and life in a very profound way.(Gift #2, Handmade Baby Shoe)

When I was a young girl I wanted a pen pal so badly. There used to advertisements in the back of teen magazines where you would write to a pen pal. My best friend had written away for one and got the most interesting letters. I begged my mother but she was firm in not trusting who was on the other end of the letter writing and refused my pleading. I always felt I was missing out on something by not being able to connect with other people through letter writing.(Gift #3, Teeny Tiny Baby Boy Shoe)

Now all these years later, I have not only one pen pal but ever so many and my mother would probably still not approve or trust who is on the other end of the keyboard. But, you know what, I know for a fact that I would be missing out on something very wonderful and very special if I had denied myself the pleasure of pushing the publish button on that very first blog post.(Gift #4, Handmade Nature Notes Quote Journal)
I wanted you to know that you each enrich my life. Thank you for embracing me and drawing me into your wonderful community. Thank you for being my friends. I think of you often and hope to share something encouraging with you in this little slice of cyber space that is my modern form of writing to you, each dear pen pal. It is a very small way to say thank you, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, to celebrate recently passing my 500th Post and my 500th Follower I am hosting a Give Away.
(Sorry this one is not finished yet but it will be by days end and then I will post the finished project. Who knew wedding plans would be so all consuming?)
The photos you see peppered throughout this post are the presents. I will be choosing 5 winners, each receiving one of the gifts. To sign up for the Give Away just leave a comment on this post. Anyone is welcome to enter, even my international friends. You do not have to be a follower and you do not have to have a blog. I will leave the sign up open until Thursday, February 10, 2011 and will post the winners on Friday, February 11, 2011.

Have a wonderful day!


Marianne said...

Sandy, You have brightened my day on several occasions throughout the last three years since I found your blog. You have also brought tears when things weren't so great.
Your have inspired so many artists and bloggers and I know I would be so honored to have even the tiniest piece of your art in my home.
Congratulations ...
...on both of your 500th!
Your gifts are so gorgeous...

The French Bear said...

Sandy, what a wonderful way to express yourself....to inspire others and to teach them, you do that for me!!!
Thank you so much for all your ideas and help and support and just plain fun. I am so happy to see that so many others are following your blog too, wow 500!
That is awesome!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

Sandy, Like Marianne, you always brighten my day. When I need a lift, I will read through your past posts in search of just the right message to lift my heart. You have also inspired me artistically. I love the baby shoes that you create, and have recently started to create some of my own. I have only just begun blogging and haven't posted any of my shoes as of yet. I plan to do that very soon though. Thank you for sharing your art and experiences with us. You are truely a gift every day.


Blessed Serendipity said...

Sandy, thank you for sharing your art and yourself. I have enjoyed visiting you. Love your artwork.


Sonya Badgley said...

Hi Sandy,
Of course,I would be honored to win one of your prizes!
I am SO thankful for blogland. I probably would have never met you otherwise. And that would be a blessing lost to me! You know I truly mean that. I can't believe you found time to make these treasures while planning a wedding! You must never sleep!:)
I thank God everyday for our chance meeting in blogland. I'm sure it was no accident! You have touched my heart in so many ways as I'm sure others out there could say the same thing. I always look forward to your posts.
Have a very blessed weekend, my friend.

Kelly said...

These are such wonderful sentiments. I'm so glad blogging has brought you so much contentment!

Thanks for hosting this giveaway....sign me up! :)


Nancy said...

Hi Sandy, Your blog posts are such an inspiration, and I look forward to them. Just love the baby shoes.

Susan deGeneres said...

Even though I've only been following you for a short while I've come to treasure your blog as a source of artistic inspiration and friendship sprinkled with lovely photographs.

Some of my favorite posts are the ones about your farm; I just love that photo of the mule on the front porch of the "old West place".


Tina said...

You´re always such an inspiration Miss Sandy. I love visiting over here. That´s a wonderful giveaway you´re hosting. Those tiny shoe ae so cute. LOVE the natures journal. It´s awesome. I would be honored to be entered in your drawing.
Wishing you a wonderful day sweet friend.
xo Tina

Unknown said...

500 followers ! Wow!I understand exactly how you felt starting your blog , I am in the same boat,But you have such talent , it's no wonder we follow you. Such wonderful things you are giveing away.

lifespassion said...

Everything is so beautiful. I envy your talent and your time! Creativity is a wonderful thing. Please enter me into your giveaway!

Becky said...

Sandy I so enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for sharing and the opportunity to win something.

Lorrie said...

Your blog has inspired many people to get back to their art - me included! Thanks for sharing.

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Dear Sandy;
Congratulations on 500 Followers! Your blog has been an Inspiration to us All! From your Eloquently said Posts to your Most Marvelous Creations!Thank You for that!
Happy Friday!Have a Wonderful Weekend!

donna!ee said...

woohoo sandy, you go girl! keep those accomplishments flowing AND know your creativity plus willingness to share is greatly appreciated and often life changing! :)

Lynn said...

Sandy, I love your blog! You are such an inspiration to me! You are so creative in all that you do!

Thank you for the chance to win one of your giveaways! I love everything in each of your giveaways, but the victorian shoe really caught my eye.. #1...

Have a wonderful day, and weekend too!


Anonymous said...

Sandy, the feelings are very mutual. You've become a dear friend, an inspiration and a star to many of us. Star...being a bright light, a true light. You haven't hidden your light under the proverbial bushel but have shared it with us and we are thankful.

Blessings to you, dear friend!

carla said...

Oh!!! I love the little baby shoes and the rest of your wonderful give a way!!!! Thanks for the fun!!! HUGS

fisiwoman said...

I love the giveaway, enter me please!

Ana Belén R.M

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Those are soooo sweet
Sandy!!! I love them!!
I was cracking up at
your comment on Lisa's
blog!! Oh my goodness
I am going to be dancing
for joy when we can actually
leave the driveway :)


Beth Leintz said...

Congratulations on your blogging career and thank you for you friendship and all the inspiration inspiration

larkswing said...

Congratulations on your 500th post! You talent is always inspiring as well as your words!

Vee said...

Please don't enter my name...not because I wouldn't love to have one of these wonderful gifts, but because I want to give someone else the opportunity to have one. After all, I have so many Sandy Babb treasures. I think that they are in every room of my home. I can't wait to get my SPRING sign out next month. Yes! Next month!! Congrats on 500 posts and 500 Followers. May both continue to grow and grow and grow. Love ya!

The Cranky Queen said...

I wanted to cry when I read your 500th post blog. I am a new blogger and I too was so nervous getting started. I put off setting up my blog for almost a year, until one of my friends and fellow bloggers pretty much came to my home, set me in front of the computer, and gave me step-by-step instructions on setting up my blog. That first post was so hard, but it is getting easier. Each day, I anxiously check "THE COMMENTS" area and pray that I have at least one. So, I am so proud of you! It is so true about the support and friendship that you can develop via blogging. Congratulations. It is a privilege and honor. My blog is thecrankyqueen.blogspot.com I would appreciate any comment and your following. I would probably "pee in my pants" if I won one of your beautiful pieces (that is a good thing lol) Thanx, tiff

Claudia said...

Congratulations, Sandy on this milestone! You have a lovely blog and I so enjoy seeing your creations!


she dreams big! said...

Congrats, sweet Sandy, on these 2 great milestones! I know that whenever I need a pick-me-up, I can come here and find inspiration. Thank you for always posting something thought- provoking and beautiful!

Bonita said...

I'm so glad you pushed that publish button on that first blog post and the 499 thereafter! What a joy it has been to read your blog and to develop an online friendship with you. I'm glad you reached out through your blog and glad that God saw fit for us to find one another in this big old cyber world. Congratulations on both 500s!

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

The soft music, the wonderful photography, the incredible art and the inspirational words...all are gifts I truly appreciate each time I open your blog.
thank you

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Wow..500 - and we've loved all of them :-)

I too wanted a pen pal and I also remember hte ads in the back of the magazines! Guess we're showing our age..LOL

Good times..Keep creating and keep posting and we'll keep reading ;-D

Unknown said...

Congrats on 500 posts and 500 followers,WHOW!
I would love to be a lucky winner of one of your pieces of art.
I look for a blog post from you almost daily. You are an inspiration to me and so many others.
Thanks for pushing that button 500 times ago.

Unknown said...

Wow! 500 is a big number, cant really be surprised though, the real gifts are being able to see your blog! Whatever your Mom was thinking back then, Im sure it was to protect her greatest jewel that can now shine for us. ... maybe thats why we can now enjoy all the creativity coming from you..the beautiful things you show us and inspire us with! Thank you for all this, and for being able to find my way to this!

With love, Kasia

Kathy B. said...

Congratulations on this terrific milestone! Your artwork is so inspiring, as is your blog--I love reading it! Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful giveaway.


Mari said...

I love your blog! Congratulations!
Very beautiful works!!! Thanks for chance!

Mari, Russia

Lesley said...

Sandy, I love reading your blog, and you are gently pushing me to start one myself. Thank you so much for giving us all a chance to take part in this giveaway. Blessings

Angie said...

Hi Sandy. I was blog hopping this morning and found your lovely Blog. Congratulations on your milestones. Thank you for all the eye-candy...such beautiful creations and so many inspirational ideas that I have from one visit. I became a follower too.

Oh, and thank you for the lovely music. It's charming.

Dorthe said...

Dearest Sandy,
you are a beautifull person-and I feel blessed being your "pen-pal",
I know I would be feeling lonely-without this world,-and I am thankfull, you have become a friend of mine.- Your beautifull artwork, is spectacular-like this art journal, fantastic shoes-and the collage, that already are gorgeus,before finished.
As I before christmas won the wonderfull snow flake, dear- I will not enter this giweaway--only wish you CONGRATULATIONS with your 500 ....... and tell you , that you are a wonderfull artist, too, so gifted.
Love and hugs, dear-

Karen B. said...

Dear Miss Sandy,I just wanted to say that you are such a gifted and talented lady. Your creations are just so beautiful and I am so happy to be able to enter for the chance to maybe be gifted with one of these creations. I am also becoming a follower of your blog and would like to invite you to stop by my new blog and take a look.
Karen B - /Todolwen

Angela said...

Your work is so beautiful. I especially love the baby shoes!

Unknown said...

Congratulations!! I love seeing all your beautiful creations! What a lovely giveaway and thank you for the opportunity to win!

Nancy Blake said...

This is such an inspirational site. You change the way I look at my beloved treasures. Thank you!

GerryART said...

Sandy, congrats on passing your mileposts. Five Hundred ! ! !
Blogging is a wonderful medium that allows us to met so many wonderful, creative, talented artists/bloggers.

Blogging is certainly much more effective than the penpals of years ago.

You have a generous soul and we count you among our blogpals.


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh Miss Sandy ~
Congrats on your 5ooth and may I add very very beautiful heart felt posts! Just the thought of winning one of your treasured makes me tingle from head to toe! Much love being sent your way and blessings on at least 500 more posts and then 500 after those, and then another and another 500!!! ~ Katie

Wanda said...

Dear Sandy,
Congratulations on your 500th blog post and 500th followers... Your blog is an inspiration to me and to many... Thank you for the opportunity to enter your amazing giveaway and I'm looking for more post to come.
best regards,

Leanne said...

I remember pen pals! I was just thinking it was time to resurrect that tradition.... in my copious spare time *cough*. Congrats on your milestone!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Please enter me in you fabulous giveaway Sandy!! What great gifts! I'll post your giveaway on my sidebar.

Big hugs, Sherry

Sande said...


I just stumbled upon your gorgeous blog and so happy that I did. I plan to spend many hours here as your work is truly brilliant.

Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful gift.


Lululiz said...

Your post really touched my heart. I was one of the very lucky young girls to be allowed a pen pal, and to see an airmail letter arrive was just about the most exciting thing ever in my young life!
We are so lucky these days to have so many "penpals" online, I have found some amazing friends whom I wouldn't want to miss for the world.
Thank you so much for offering those beautiful gifts to 5 very lucky readers of your blog. Of course I am hoping that I will be one of them :-)

The Feathered Nest said...

CONGRATULATIONS sweet friend!!!!!!! 500 posts is such a milestone and I just have to tell you dear Sandy, I am so very glad that you're here!! You are a precious person and I'm so thankful that you share yourself with us here ~ wishing you many more posts to come, hugs and love, Dawn

Karen Valentine said...

OMG! I would have been so mad at myself if I had missed this!!! PLEASE enter my name too my friend! I LOVE your work, and I love your blog.

alveen said...

Congratulations on reaching such a milestone.
It is always a pleasure to read you posts, you give much food for thought. Your art work is beautiful! And your generosity in sharing is wonderful. Thank you.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Peaceful indeed...I too so enjoy watching the morning come upon our household ...it's such a lovely feeling.
God is with us.

Your words to describe it.. are poignant.
Thank you.
Oh yes, and I would more than LOVE to win your wall hanging.
Please add my name to your list.

** I posted on the wrong post the first time.


The Rustic Victorian said...

500,,wowee,,Congratulations! It's always a pleasure to visit your words and wonders. The shoe with the script is to die for....everything is. Good luck to everyone...I am glad I got in at nearly the last minute...

Sherry said...

Your work and words are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents.

Anonymous said...

Sandy, I adore your beautiful blog. This giveaway is awesome. Hope I win!

Frankie Kins

vikki said...

~♥LoVe the post on 'peace' & the verses. & the pics with shadows.. so happy you decided to blog, love visiting you. the collage is lovely {love vintage looks} & love. the nature journal {love nature inspired!} the lil' shoe is adorable. i am encouraged & inspired when i visit you, it has been wonderful to see you at peace!thank*U for sharing. hugs & blessings, vikki♥~ xo

Sandy said...

This is my first comment but I wanted you to know what a beautiful site this is and I absolutely love the way you express things. Your art is just beautiful and I feel such a peaceful feeling here. God bless you!


Candy said...

Came over to see what's up and was so blessed by your words on PEACE and then to see that I can possibly win a piece of your artwork was a double blessing. Congrats on your 500th post and I look forward to reading what's next.
Thursday Blessings ;-)

Desires of the Heart said...

Hi Sandy,

Congratulations on your 500th post!!! What an accomplishment!! I really just love your creations and your writing blesses me so much. You truly have a gift for putting feelings into words, not to mention your artistic creations!! I would be blessed to have one of your pieces in my home. Keep it coming!!
Linda @ desires of the heart

Vicki said...

It is always so beautiful here. Congratulations on your milestone. Please add me to the hat. The "peace" collage took my breath away then lead me here to enter. What lovely, lovely gifts. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would love to be entered into you giveaway. Your art and your blog are wonderful. Love the new look of your blog. Thanks-you for sharing. Cindy Bowman, rcbowman@columbiainet.com

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